On-Demand Guidance For Life Problems
Gain new insight on problems
Ever face a problem, but find yourself going in circles? Sage the Horse helps you break out of ineffective modes of thinking by giving you new ways to structure your thinking around a life problem that you're facing. Horse Sense is geared towards helping you think through a problem and identify the next action that you can take to move forward.
Developed At Stanford
Horse Sense was developed from a project in Stanford's Learning, Design, and Technology Program. Horse Sense is based on well-researched problem solving approaches from the fields of mathematics, science, and psychology. Articulating your thoughts in response to structured prompts encourages you to continuously correct faulty steps in logic. 
This video demonstrates the types of questions that Sage would ask you in the Horse Sense App


Talk to Sage the Horse
When you enter the app, Sage will introduce herself, and start asking you about the problem that's bothering you. You can type in your response or use iOS dictation from the keyboard to verbalize your response. Sage will respond with the next question designed to help you develop insightful solutions.