On-Demand Guidance for Life Problems
Why a horse?
In the need finding process for Horse Sense, users kept mentioning that sometimes talking to other people would evoke more feelings of judgment, when in fact, they just wanted to think through their ideas before having them evaluated. The horse character Sage emerged in response to that need for someone to listen and guide your thinking in its initial stages, without fear of judgement or evaluation. A horse was a natural choice because horses and humans have a long history together. Horses are also known to have a very high awareness of human emotions and horses are used as ccoaches for people in Equine Therapy.
What types of problems is Sage the Horse best suited for?
Sage the Horse works best for the types of problems that are specific to your situation that you can't just find the answer to on Google. If your problem is something that isn't really unique to your situation, then you might just be able to find the steps to a solution online. However, for many problems, the answer lies within yourself and for those problems, Sage can help elicit the relevant considerations from your past experiences to the current problem. Sage is especially helpful for life problems because they are specific to your situation (e.g. "I can't figure out if I taking this job is right for me" or "I don't know what to do next to find my ideal apartment").
Will Sage tell me what to do?
You probably have more than enough people telling you what they think you should do. What's most important, however, is what you think you should do. Sage won't give you directed advice because the answer lies within yourself and depends on your specific situation. Instead, Sage brings up the type of questions that you should consider.