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Reeta Banerjee
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Talking horse helps you tackle life problems: Stanford GSE Project Horse Sense App now available in App Store

Horse Sense is an iPhone and iPad app for personal problem-solving developed as part of Stanford Graduate School of Education’s Learning Design and Technology Program.

Horse Sense App features an animated horse named Sage who helps users gain insight on a wide range of problems from dealing with career doubts to managing an interpersonal conflict. Sage the Horse simulates a mentor or life coach by asking thought-provoking questions in a safe judgment-free environment to generate ideas that address the problem. Horse Sense is geared towards anyone who wants immediate help thinking through life problems that they encounter.

While a talking horse app may sound silly, the research behind Horse Sense is actually quite serious. Horse Sense reflects a unique blend of several research-based methodologies including traditional problem-solving research from mathematics and science, expressive writing, counseling techniques, and the Socratic method. Horse Sense serves as an unintimidating, objective, and always-available guide in the early stages of tackling a problem.

Horse Sense was designed to address the myriad of obstacles that people run into when experiencing a life problem. Typically, when faced with a problem, people try to think through it by themselves or seek out a friend or expert to talk to. Each of these paths presents obstacles which Horse Sense was designed to bypass. When thinking through a problem on their own, people often get caught in thinking patterns that don't produce new ideas. A smart next step is to seek out help. However, a truly objective and thought-provoking mentor is hard to come by. Friend and family members are well-intentioned, but usually do not have a comprehensive repertoire of creative problem solving methods. Most people will not engage in a Socratic method of asking questions and listening without giving biased advice. This can be frustrating for someone who just wants help thinking through a problem rather than getting someone else’s opinions about what to do. While an expert may offer a more objective perspective, many people find that experts are difficult to reach and intimidating to speak with. Horse Sense circumvents these challenges and allows people to dive right into working on their problem with an on-demand, approachable, and objective guide.

Here’s what real users have to say about Horse Sense:

“Unorthodox, but it works!...It might sound silly that an animated horse would be able to help you, but I have an agenda item in my calendar where before I had nothing.”
--Jonny Wang, computer programming professional

“This app is a great way of reaching for those “aha!” moments that give us the energy to work no the solution to a problem.”
--Lara Rosety, recent graduate in international law
Stanford University

“Horse Sense gives people multiple ways to think about their problems. The more approaches someone applies to thinking about a problem, the more likely they are to generate a novel insight,” says founder Reeta Banerjee.

Horse Sense includes over forty possible problem-solving and idea generating questions to help guide thinking through a problem. Horse Sense is available on the iPhone and iPad for $1.99 in the Lifestyle Category of the iTunes App Store.

Download the app at http://bit.ly/HorseSenseapp

About Horse Sense

Reeta Banerjee started Horse Sense as her Masters Project in the Learning, Design, and Technology Program at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Prior to graduating from Stanford, Reeta earned psychology and economics degrees from UC Berkeley, as well as a business degree from the Haas School of Business. At Berkeley’s Haas School, she created a self-development course in which she taught more than thirty undergraduate students about principles of prioritization, decision-making, and goal-setting. She applies her diverse background to creating real learning solutions that promote personal growth and self expression.

The team that created Horse Sense has also published another iOS app called Animoves that encourages creative unstructured play. Animoves allows kids to directly animate a 3D character to create unique music videos. Visit http://www.animovesapp.com for more information.